Mental Performance Consultant

Mental Performance at NSS

The National Sport School has a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) that student-athletes can access at no cost while they are at the school. During sessions with the MPC, students will learn a number of techniques, approaches, and mental skills geared toward high performance. Because each student has unique goals, strengths and needs, session content is based on an initial assessment and ongoing check-ins throughout the duration of the working relationship.

Students can book sessions with the MPC during office hours (Tues-Thurs 9am-3pm, Fri 9am-12pm) using the online system, or walk-in when there are open times.

Sessions are available online, over the phone, or in-person depending on the travel schedule of the student.

*It is important to note that sessions are not clinical and the MPC is not a registered psychologist. Referrals will be discussed should an issue fall out of the scope of practice of the MPC. The MPC will be working in partnership with the NSS FSLC to ensure the student receives the appropriate form of support.

About Perri Ford

Perri Ford is a Mental Performance Consultant, a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA), and the owner of Bell Lap Mental Performance. She is passionate about supporting high performers in their personal growth, fostering holistic identities, and teaching mental skills that transcend sport into everyday life. In addition to her work with students at the National Sport School, Perri works with athletes competing at the provincial and national level through the Canadian Sport Institute- Calgary. She also sees athletes in private practice and has the honour of supporting teams and athletes competing in a variety of career stages (AYSL, CSSHL, ACAC, USport, NCAA, WHL, NBA, etc.).