Our School

No other school in Canada exists on a campus quite like ours at WinSport. We offer and maintain high-performance facilities where the world’s best come to train and compete. The location at WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park offers a unique duality: premier training facilities collaborating with an onsite esteemed school. Another advantage is that our academic institution is part of a public education system. This opportunity remains accessible for families with varying financial means.

WinSport’s indoor and outdoor training facilities offer world class training venues in skating and hockey, ski, snowboard and sliding sports. These facilities provide varied training opportunities our student-athletes need to achieve their potential. Professional services through the Performance Training Centre and Canadian Sport Institute, expert coaches, nutritionists, a yoga instructor and other benefits are services our students have access to. Through the Performance Training Centre, the athlete’s Yearly Training Plan (YTP) is supported through on-site access to training. The Group 23 medical clinic onsite allows our student athletes to recover in a supportive sport environment.

WinSport’s purpose is to inspire and activate human potential through the spirit of sport.

Mission Statement

At the National Sport School, we provide a supportive learning environment to enable developing high-performance athletes to mature as self-directed, life-long learners while pursuing excellence in sport. 

School Motto

"Culture of Excellence"

Our Learning Environment

The National Sport School provides an accessible, supportive, and flexible learning environment. Small class sizes, athlete development, leadership training, and access to onsite sport services set us apart. Our flexible program and exam options benefit busy student athletes. Study and train at world-class training facilities and join our legacy of alumni. Students become successful athletes and graduate from high school with an exceptional education.

Our hybrid learning environment combines classroom instruction with online technology. Students are able to continue studies when traveling for training or competition.



"Although student athletes that attend NSS come
from different backgrounds, have different
schedules, and compete and train with different teams, 
the NSS creates an environment of belonging and likeness. 
In the hectic world of competitive sport, it provides a community. The
National Sport School undoubtedly embodies
the culture of excellence that encourages its
students, staff and parents to uphold."

Alexandra Pretorius
Canadian Ski Jumping team member
2014 Sochi Olympics