Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching Fundamentals is for grade 11 and 12 students who have successfully completed the Sports Medicine 15 course.  This course is designed to introduce student-athletes to important coaching qualities and leadership skills essential for supporting their sport.  

Coaching Fundamentals course includes the following credit courses(Prerequisite: Sports Medicine 15):

COURSE REC2060: LEADERSHIP IN RECREATION & SPORT Students learn basic skills and developmental principles for teaching recreation activities and foundational movement concepts to children and youth.  Prerequisite: None

COURSE REC2120: COACHING 1 Students learn basic coaching skills common to all sports in the areas of planning and delivering a practice, teaching and learning, and mental skills training. Students develop an appreciation for the role of coaches in community recreation programs. Prerequisite: None 

COURSE REC3010: HUMAN MOVEMENT Students acquire advanced knowledge and skills necessary for the application of the basic principles of movement and biomechanics to a variety of physical activities. Students gain an appreciation for how biomechanics can impact the health and wellness of individuals and their families, peers and communities. Prerequisite: HCS1050: Musculoskeletal System (from Sports Med 15)

COURSE REC3120: COACHING 2 Students learn basic coaching skills common to all sports in the areas of designing a sport program and ethical considerations for coaching. Students develop an appreciation for the roles and responsibilities of coaches in community recreation programs. Prerequisite: REC2120: Coaching 1

COURSE REC3040: TRAINING & CONDITIONING Students gain an understanding of training principles and how they affect workout design. Students also gain fundamental skills for assessing exercise intensity and learn training principles to increase and decrease workout designs for apparently healthy individuals. Prerequisite: HCS1080: Cardiovascular System

(HCS1080: CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Students acquire the attitude, knowledge and skills for the promotion and maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system. Students study the pathology of cardiovascular conditions, and gain an appreciation for practising a healthy lifestyle as it pertains to the individual, family, peers and community. Prerequisite: HSS1010: Health Services Foundations

COURSE REC3130: OFFICIATING Students analyze the historical development of at least one specific sport, including an in-depth analysis of the rules of play. Students analyze the roles and responsibilities of officials in sport and demonstrate officiating skills for a specific sport in simulated scenarios and actual practices and games.  Prerequisite: None