The application Process for 2023-2024 has opened!
If you wish to apply please find the link at: WinSport's Application page.

The early application deadline is December 23rd.

Space could be limited in some grades so apply early.

Application Process - 2023-2024

The National Sport School has student-athletes in nearly 30 different disciplines in both summer and winter sports. Our school works with national and provincial sport organizations in the selection of our student-athletes.

We recognize approvals and endorsements from these organizations as part of our overall application process. We work with these organizations to ensure that their overall objectives for their athletes are included in their personalized annual training plans.

If your student-athlete is a fit for National Sport School, please complete your application. Incomplete and/or late applications may also be considered, pending the number of remaining placements available after spring applications, interviews, assessments, and enrollment process has been completed.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the application package including the $260.00 non-refundable application fee. Please select either the Sport Specific stream or General Athleticism stream.
  2. Individual Evaluation: The prospective student athlete will interview with sport and academic representatives from the National Sport School and WinSport.
  3. Upon receipt of written notification of provisional acceptance, complete the National Sport School enrollment package. This step also includes National Sport School Alternative Program fee of $5,250.00.

Financial Assistance

The National Sport School has needs-based bursaries available to assist in covering the Alternative Program Costs. To find out more, click here