Career & Technology: Media Arts, Communications, Design Studies

Career & Technology Studies: Media Arts, Communications, Design Studies

Career & Technology Studies

Students registering for Media Arts will have the opportunity to explore and learn the principles and elements relating to a wide array of creative and expressive pursuits. Flexibility for students who are traveling is built into these courses as they can work independently from the classroom or if time doesn’t permit, they can opt to complete only the modules they have time for. Each completed module earns one high school credit.

In Communications courses (with prefix COM), 22 modules are available relating to media, photography, video production, audio production, and animation. Students have access to digital SLR cameras, prosumer video cameras, microphones, video and audio mixing boards, audio recorders, Adobe Creative Cloud software, and a lighting studio. Students will have the opportunity to use their skills for school events.

Design Studies modules will give students the opportunity to focus on creative solutions to spatial problems. 13 credits are available to students who explore the design process using drafting techniques and 3D software to create architectural and personal items. The classroom is equipped with several 3D printers which students can access to print their 3D designs